PM Modi’s intervention could settle India’s US visa concerns.

IACC (Indo-American Chamber of Commerce) held the view that if Narendra Modi, Indian Prime Minister, could schedule a visit to the US early, he could resolve issues relating to the US visas with Donald Trump, the US President.

NV Srinivasan, National IACC President, was quoted by the Press Trust of India as saying that it was on opportune time for the US and India to clear the air over fallacies being spread that Americans were losing jobs due to H1-B visas being granted to skilled workers from India.

Saying that limiting visas to Indians would affect its $100 billion tech industry, he said the US has to recognise the contribution of Indian workers’ role in rewriting the technological landscape of the US economy.

There are indications that the US may make visa rules more stringent, Srinivasan said. He felt that for an amicable solution for such troublesome issues, discussions will need to take place between Narendra Modi and Trump.

Srinivasan dismissed reports of the US Chamber of Commerce that American workers are being replaced by H-1B visa holders. He said that although such sensational issues are raked up during election times, they fade into oblivion after the elections. This issue should also take a backseat now, added Srinivasan.

He concluded by saying that a major issue, which is not known to many people, was that half of the H-1B visas and L1 (intra-company transfer visas) are granted to Indians who pass out of the US universities.

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