Scotland to hold another referendum on exiting U.K.

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, who asked lawmakers to authorize her to request the referendum, says Scots must be given the chance to vote on their future before Britain leaves the European Union.

British Prime Minister Theresa May plans to launch the U.K’s two-year process of exiting the EU.

 Nicola Sturgeon, the First Minister of Scotland announced for a referendum on freedom within two years to halt Scotland from being forcibly dragged out of the European Union much against its consent, quotes the Times of India.

The announcement was a surprise for several politicians of the UK as Nicola Sturgeon was determined that Scotland could not be forced to tread a path without being given its choice.

This declaration by Sturgeon in Edinburgh was made barely hours before the European Union – Notification of Withdrawal Bill sailed through its final hurdle in the upper house of the UK parliament.

Though the bill was passed in the House of Commons weeks earlier, the House of Lords pressed for amendments and demanded that the UK parliament is given a significant vote on the final terms of exit talks between the UK and EU.

The House of Commons rejected all these demands and amendments as Theresa May’s Conservative party has a majority.

The Labor peer Dianne Hayter who had proposed the amendments and demands regarding citizens of the EU said that Lords had given their best but its views have been rejected by the House of Commons and it is clear  the government is in no mood to turn back.

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