UK should aim for visa-free travel to EU

The United Kingdom should look to obtain visa-free travel between Britain and the European Union following the former’s decision to exit the single market, said the ABTA (Association of British Travel Agents) on 4 April.

ABTA, an association of UK travel trade, said that such a pact would help the tourism sector.

After the UK formally initiated Brexit proceedings from 29 March, British airlines have urged the government to prioritise their sector until their country leaves the EU in the next two years to ensure that flights would not be disrupted.

The retention of visa-free travel between the EU and UK following Brexit was one of its main priorities, the ABTA said. It added that among its other aims were making sure that the citizens of UK could travel without restrictions to Europe and opportunities would be provided for development and stability of British businesses.

Mark Tanzer, ABTA’s Chief Executive, was quoted by Euro Active as saying that as travel and tourism were one of the largest industries of Britain, it is crucial that the government ensures that they continue to flourish in the post-Brexit environment too.

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