Beginning of an ebb as the Going gets tougher to the UK

The new policy that would be coming into effect post 6th March of 2017 will bring about predominant changes to the visa charges and stringent procedures of processing for the Tier 2 visa, which is a highly opted path chosen especially by Indians. This will be the impact felt also to applicants outside EU.

The new rule would make the applicant shell out £1,000 per employee each year. This is going to be induced into every company that hires skilled workers from outside the EU to serve companies established in the UK. The new Immigration Skills charges also apply to small firms and charitable organizations imposing £364 as Skills charges.

This new policy will restrict business to hire immigrant workers instead the funds reach will be implemented towards facilitating training to the local British staff to fill those vacant posts which will be implemented into a full fledged policy in the days to come. The UK exempts PH.D level jobs and students who are willing to contribute to the British Economy as workers this policy would not affect the ones existing there. The applications who are applying for the Tier 2 visa afresh will undergo the stringent litmus test. The UK considers the value of talented workers and students who stay loyal in contributing their abilities towards the enhancement of the UK in this global market.

The latest changes are implemented to make the Tier 2 a curbed path. Further on any applicant who come from working streams such as teachers, nurses and social workers from India especially need to acquire a certificate from the home country that represent any criminal convictions in the past 10 years. And if the applicant has lived in a particular area for 12 months and over, a criminal record check

certificate has to be produced at the time of processing the application for a Tier 2 visa. This is also applied to the dependants or partners of the prime applicant that a certificate ought to be produced.

Even though the wages are scaled up from £25,000 to £30,000 for experienced workers sponsored by UK domiciled sponsors. Jobs especially related to Healthcare and educational sectors are exempted from the higher threshold until July 2019.

A single salary threshold is the best alternative which graduate trainees have to meet by all means instead of the short term category which is closed for good. The shortage occupations is a blessing in disguise to all those who are multi talented who can teach combined science, computer science and special languages for such jobs the visa norms are eased absolutely. These eased policies are also applicable for Indians who are outside the EU.

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