UK visa vignette and biometric residence cards

Amongst the confusion are questions about what the physical UK visa looks like, who is eligible for the biometric residence card, the 30-day rule during which the successful visa applicant needs to leave for the UK, and whether it is possible to make a vignette transfer application.

The consultants at Breytenbachs Immigration Consultants have subsequently compiled a short guideline as a reference, on the 30-day vignette in their passports, the vignette transfer application and rules about the Biometric Residence card.

Vignette in Passport and Biometric Residence Card

All UK visa applicants, excluding those who apply for visitor visas and EEA Family permits, will receive a 30-day vignette in their passports.

The applicant then has 30 days to leave the country and once in the UK will be required to collect the Biometric Residence card or BRP. This card will then, in essence, be your visa, settlement, Ancestry, Tier 2 work permit, etc.

It is very important to note that the 30-day entry clearance permit will be valid from the intended travel date indicated on the application form when applying for the visa. This means that you will not be able to travel to the UK before this date. The permit will only be valid as of the intended date of travel, and you will need to travel within the 30 days from the intended travel date.

Vignette Transfer Application

Fortunately, the UKBA have now made a Vignette Transfer application available to the applicant who, for whatever reason, does not manage to leave the country within the designated 30-day period.

An online application form is completed similar to that of your initial visa application, and a fee of £189.00 is payable. You then provide your supporting documents to the TLC office (the office where all UK visa applications are submitted) and submit this application in the same way as your visa was submitted, on the date and time of your scheduled appointment. The British High Commission will then provide you with a new 30-day permit to accommodate your new proposed travels.

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