Techies investing in overseas properties

‘Indian techies no longer wanted or no options for Indian techies anymore…’ This has been creating fear and confusion among many. Unnecessarily.

As India’s largest immigration company, we’ve seen numerous immigration and visa changes since 1999. It all boils down to a few basic facts:

* Countries keep tweaking their immigration policies based on their labour market. Sometimes, there is an excess of a certain category of professionals and, at times, there is a dearth. Based on this, immigration policies change. However, this is never permanent, but is an ever-changing situation.

* Engineers, IT workers, Medical Professionals, Teachers are among those who are always in demand. This is simply because economies desperately require these professionals. They cannot be manufactured overnight, they can’t be trained overnight, they can’t get experience overnight and they are not available locally. The demand is simply too much to fill. So, employers have no choice, but to hire from overseas.

* Young people are choosing to get married at a late age, have fewer children or not get married at all. Old people are living longer due to better healthcare and advances in medicine. The West needs skilled workers to sustain their economies and they have no choice but to look overseas for this workforce, as it simply isn’t available in their countries.

* Politics play a huge part in immigration and policies are sometimes framed temporarily due to elections coming up in the near future or promises made during a recent election. However, the labour market needs always eventually supersede this because the economy cannot be held ransom to momentary politics.

* Countries export manpower, trained personnel and services to other countries that import their products. It is simple trade and if one country rocks the boat saying, ‘I won’t give your people work visas’, the other country reciprocates saying, ‘I won’t allow you to sell your products to my people’. India is a huge economy and a literal goldmine for any country wanting to sell their products. They just cannot afford to completely cut us off. So, trade talks begin and no one wants to lose out.


Techies are very much eligible to work in the UK.

Indians accounted for nearly 60% of Tier 2 skilled UK worker visas in the year ending September 2016. According to the quarterly Migration Statistics report, 53,575 of the 93,244 skilled worker visa applications that were approved went to Indians.

New changes to the Tier 2 work visa include the employer having to pay an annual Immigration Skills charge of £1,000 per employee per year, which actually means only about £84 per employee, per month. Not a big amount at all!

The minimum salary level that employers can offer a Tier 2 (General) worker has been increased from £25,000 to £30,000 for experienced workers. A £5,000 increase per annum over here.

Yes, it has become slightly more expensive for employers to bring in Tier 2 workers into the UK. Workers are required to have better English skills and a clean background.

However, as is apparent, the Tier 2 visa for skilled workers for the UK is not closed at all.

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