Labour to scrap minimum income rule for foreign spouses

Immigration rules currently require British citizens to earn more than £18,600 before their foreign partner can join them on a spouse visa. Critics say the policy discriminates against working class people on lower incomes.

The income threshold is even higher for couples with children who are not British citizens, rising to £22,400 for a couple with a first child and then an additional £2,400 for each additional child.

The rule was introduced by the 2010 Coalition government when Theresa May was Home Secretary. It was introduced to reduce the burden on the taxpayer.

Britons have previously told The Independent that they have been forced to move abroad to be with their partners because of the new rule.

In February the Supreme Court upheld the Government’s policy after a legal challenge against it. Seven judges agreeing that the minimum income requirement was “acceptable in principle” – though criticising the lack of safeguards for the welfare of children.

“Labour will replace the financial threshold test for family reunion.”

Labour is finalising its manifesto at its so-called Clause V meeting this week, with its official publication due next week.

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