UK is increasingly supporting the Conservatives

The Indian community in the UK with its population of 1.5 million constitutes a considerable portion of the electorate especially in regions such as the Leicester or neighbourhoods in the London such as Southall, quotes The Hindu.

Though the Indian community in the UK has conventionally voted in the favor of the Labor Party, there has been a transition in the recent years. Oxford University’s expert on political behaviour and professor of Political Sociology Dr. Stephen Fisher said that though in the past there was community voting in favour of the Labor Party by the Indian community owing to the strong association, the younger generation has been assimilated into the society as Asian British and they are not likely to follow the footsteps of their parents.

The liberalization of the Conservative party, the progressive changes it has adapted along with its concentrated efforts to appeal to the Indian community have also contributed towards the tilt in electorates’ choice.

The results of the Brexit referendum held last year have also resulted in complicating the situation.

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