The Prime Minister’s proposed immigration policies include raising the minimum income requirement and fining companies

Home Secretary, she repeatedly bent over backwards to placate her party’s nonsensically loyal legions by constantly shifting goalposts and fiddling with rock-hard visa pathways in order to feign productivity and make out like she had the fantastical ability to reverse decades of globalisation.

NHS health surcharge to ensure taxpaying foreigners were charged twice for the same level of care. Then, her Government hiked application fees by over 25 per cent to make sure poor people couldn’t even afford to fill out the paperwork to try stay with their family members in the first place.

But all that pales in comparison to May’s decision to introduce a minimum earnings threshold that says people like me don’t deserve to tuck our kids in at night unless we’re bringing in more money than 41 per cent of UK-born workers (and 55 per cent of women) do. As a point of reference, that’s an annual salary of £18,600 – and to a politician kicking up her feet in a £1m house and enjoying lucrative stock options, that might not seem like a big ask.

Theresa May wants Britain to be divided clean down the middle. She wants to create a “strong and stable” dystopia where love and happiness are expensive luxuries awarded only to the privileged few. She wants fundamental rights stripped from everyone she thinks is unworthy.

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