Impacting immigration, Post-study work and international student visas.

Policies split on post-study work right for international students, with only the Liberal Democrats promising to reintroduce the offer, albeit partially.

Taking international students out of the net migration figures has become a hotly debated topic in public discussions across UK politics. A recent amendment in the Higher Education and Research Bill called for their removal; however it was defeated in the House of Commons.

“After so much discussion and debate – most recently in the House of Lords – sticking with this continues to seem unnecessary and really damaging,” he commented.

The future of funding for European mobility and research is uncertain in the run up to Brexit negotiations, but both Labour and Liberal Democrat parties have pledged efforts to retain access to Horizon 2020 and Erasmus+ programs.

The Green Party outlines its plan to “guarantee the rights of young people to study, work, live and travel in the EU, including through schemes like Erasmus,”

“The next government needs to ensure that the UK remains an attractive destination for academics and students from around the world”


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