The UK needs more immigrants

The UK after its exit from the European Union and revealed that the UK is in need of increased numbers of immigrants to evade disastrous results for its economy.  The report that the aim of the government led by the Conservative party to reduce immigration levels to the UK by tens of thousands is based on regressive and obsolete policies.

UK has a population that is aging, low growth of productivity and is very close to full employment. Owing to all these factors, immigration is a vital factor for the success of the future UK economy, added the report.

European migrants made a net contribution of £20bn to UK public finances between 2000 and 2011. Those from the 15 countries which made up the EU before 2004, including France, Germany, Italy and Spain, contributed 64% – £15bn more in taxes than they received in welfare – while east European migrants contributed 12%, equivalent to £5bn more.

The sector wise assessment of the economy discloses that demographic and structural modifications imply that several of them are already on the verge of acute scarcity of workers. This bottom-up approach also confirms that net immigration numbers exceeding 200,000 will be required to prevent the collapse of these entire sectors, cautioned the report, quotes Indian Express.

The report also stresses that superficial target for net immigration figures will not serve any objective.

The political leaders in this UK general elections must have the guts to press for a positive approach on the issue of net immigration numbers and maintain them at an annual level of 200,000 immigrants, concludes the report.

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