UK Tier 1 (Post-Study) Work Visa will not be re-introduced

80 percent decline in the number of non-EU students transferring to work visas upon completion of their studies.

Tier 1 (Post-Study) work visa stemmed from a report published in October 2010, which found that three in every five visa holders were in unskilled work.

The government’s recent report, referred to UK visas and immigration intelligence assessments made carried out in 2009, saying: “In addition, UK Visas and Immigration intelligence assessments made in 2009 found that applications to switch into the Tier 1 (Post-Study Work) category were associated with high levels of abuse, including the submission of suspected bogus educational qualifications.”

The UK government has rejected the many considered recommendations we made about improving post-study work schemes for international students attending Scottish universities. Despite the almost universal support for improving post-study work schemes in Scotland, we are still to see these factors have any influence on the direction of policy.”

Wish art urged Westminster to ‘engage constructively with higher education institutions and employers in Scotland. He said: “The calls from Scotland are overwhelming; it is time for the UK government to listen.”

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