Labour plans to hike immigration

The Labour manifesto vowed to end EU freedom of movement, meaning a visa scheme is likely to be introduced.

But under a document setting options for Labour’s post-Brexit policy Britain’s borders would be open to cheap migrant labour from all over the world – without the need for qualifications.

Labour would allow immigration to soar even higher than the current rate of 248,000 new arrivals a year.

Immigration minister Robert Goodwill warned: “This leaked plan is the latest sign that Jeremy Corbyn and Diane Abbott will never reduce immigration because they simply don’t believe in doing so.

“Only Theresa May and her Conservative team will reduce immigration as we leave the EU while making sure our economy continues to attract the brightest and best workers it needs.”

A Labour spokesperson said: “After Britain leaves the EU, free movement of labour will come to an end.

Labour will introduce fair rules and managed migration, based on the needs of our economy.

“As part of our work in exploring the options, a number of discussion papers have been produced. This is part of one such document. It is not a statement of Labour policy, which is set out in our manifesto.”

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