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Labour plans to hike immigration

Labour plans to hike immigration

The Labour manifesto vowed to end EU freedom of movement, meaning a visa scheme is likely to be introduced. But under a document setting options for Labour’s post-Brexit policy Britain’s borders would be open to cheap migrant labour from all over the world – without the need for qualifications. Labour would allow immigration to soar even higher than the […]

Students Switching to Work Visa


Visa rules announced by the UK Home Office last year are set to take effect from Thursday, affecting Indians and other nationals from outside the European Union (EU). The Tier 2 category of visas, a route used by many Indians and other nationals from outside the EU, will undergo major set of changes under the […]

EU citizens move into UK; immigrant s...

EU citizens move into UK; immigrant student numbers fall

Figures published by the Officer for National Statistics on Thursday showed a statistically significant fall in net migration by 84,000 compared to 2015, driven by the number of EU citizens leaving Britain more than tripling. Some 43,000 citizens of so-called EU-8 nations, including Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, left Britain […]

UK Tier 1 (Post-Study) Work Visa will...

UK Tier 1 (Post-Study) Work Visa will not be re-introduced

80 percent decline in the number of non-EU students transferring to work visas upon completion of their studies. Tier 1 (Post-Study) work visa stemmed from a report published in October 2010, which found that three in every five visa holders were in unskilled work. The government’s recent report, referred to UK visas and immigration intelligence […]

The UK needs more immigrants

The UK needs more immigrants

The UK after its exit from the European Union and revealed that the UK is in need of increased numbers of immigrants to evade disastrous results for its economy.  The report that the aim of the government led by the Conservative party to reduce immigration levels to the UK by tens of thousands is based […]

Impacting immigration, Post-study wor...

Impacting immigration, Post-study work and international student visas.

Policies split on post-study work right for international students, with only the Liberal Democrats promising to reintroduce the offer, albeit partially. Taking international students out of the net migration figures has become a hotly debated topic in public discussions across UK politics. A recent amendment in the Higher Education and Research Bill called for their removal; however it […]

The Prime Minister’s proposed i...

The Prime Minister's proposed immigration policies include raising the minimum income requirement and fining companies

Home Secretary, she repeatedly bent over backwards to placate her party’s nonsensically loyal legions by constantly shifting goalposts and fiddling with rock-hard visa pathways in order to feign productivity and make out like she had the fantastical ability to reverse decades of globalisation. NHS health surcharge to ensure taxpaying foreigners were charged twice for the same […]

Brexit Secretary David Davis has said...


The most recent data shows that annual net migration to the UK is running at an estimated 273,000, so there is a long way to go. Of those people, roughly half are European Union citizens and half are from non-EU countries. When asked how long it would take to meet the objective, Mr Davis said: “We’re […]

Theresa May said the Conservative Par...

The UK's Conservative Party Opts For Brexit

The government would use the revenue generated to invest in higher level skills training for workers in the UK. May said that, were the party to be re-elected, it would double the Immigration Skills Charge levied on companies employing migrant workers to £2,000 a year for each non-EU worker by the end of the parliament. she […]

The UK’s Conservative Party Opt...

The UK's Conservative Party Opts For Brexit

UK will leave the single market and the customs union; and it will withdraw completely from the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice. Those who thought that a convincing Conservative victory in the forthcoming election would mean a softer Brexit were deluded. If the Conservatives win, as is widely predicted, Brexit will mean Hard Brexit. UK […]