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Labour plans to hike immigration

Labour plans to hike immigration

The Labour manifesto vowed to end EU freedom of movement, meaning a visa scheme is likely to be introduced. But under a document setting options for Labour’s post-Brexit policy Britain’s borders would be open to cheap migrant labour from all over the world – without the need for qualifications. Labour would allow immigration to soar even higher than the […]

UK Tier 1 (Post-Study) Work Visa will...

UK Tier 1 (Post-Study) Work Visa will not be re-introduced

80 percent decline in the number of non-EU students transferring to work visas upon completion of their studies. Tier 1 (Post-Study) work visa stemmed from a report published in October 2010, which found that three in every five visa holders were in unskilled work. The government’s recent report, referred to UK visas and immigration intelligence […]

UK PM Theresa May says sticking to ne...

UK PM Theresa May says sticking to net migration target of less than 100,000 a year

British Prime Minister Theresa May plans to stick to her pledge to reduce annual net migration to below 100,000 a year, she said on Thursday, as her governing Conservatives put together their manifesto for a snap election in June. May has previously backed her predecessor David Cameron’s pledge to cut the figure to the “tens […]

Indians account for 57% of UK Tier 2 ...

IT companies with Tier 2 Sponsorship Licences sponsors most on Tier 2 UK visas

According to a report published in the Hindustan Times, Indian nationals secured almost 60% of the Tier 2 skilled worker visas granted by the UK in the year ending September 2016, despite UK visa numbers falling to their lowest level since 2014. Employers need to have both a Tier 2 Sponsorship Licence and a Certificate of Sponsorship for each employee they need to employ […]

Only Skilled Should Get U.K. Work Vis...

Only Skilled Should Get U.K

Britain should aim to retain visa-free travel with the other 27 European Union member states after its withdrawal from the bloc but only issue work permits to skilled employees, Migration Watch U.K. said on Wednesday. Refusing permits to unskilled workers would reduce the net inflow of migrants from the EU by about 100,000 people a […]

Changes to the immigration rules full...

immigration rules full fill the Migration

On March 16, the UK government announced changes to the UK’s immigration rules, implementing the final phase of changes previously recommended by the Migration Advisory Committee in March 2016. The majority of these changes will take effect on April 6, 2017. The UK Home Office is extending the requirement to provide criminal record certificates for […]

More technology visas granted after f...

More technology visas granted after fears of worker shortage

The Government will grant more visas to technology workers in a major boost to the industry’s attempts to secure access to overseas talent after the Brexit vote. Tech City UK, the government organisation that processes applications for the special visa, has been granted the right to endorse 250 immigration visas this year, 50 more than […]

EU migration curbs at the expense of ...

EU migration curbs at the expense of single market membership

Ministers are drawing up plans for a two-tier system of UK border controls for EU citizens as Theresa May prepares to tighten migration rules at the expense of single market membership. Senior government officials expect the prime minister to decide on a system based on work permits and new automated security checks -similar to the […]

UK Visa Application Changes Allowing ...

UK Visa Application Changes

Anticipating a huge demand for UK visas during the summer in India, the United Kingdom will allow Indian nationals applying for standard visitor visas in India to apply for visas three months prior to the expected date of travel.  This was announced at a British event in Pune as the “Beat the Peak” campaign.  In […]

UK Prime Minister plans to prioritise...

prioritise the protection of EEA

Prime Minister Theresa May has highlighted the government’s commitment to protecting the rights of EEA nationals in the UK during Brexit negotiations. In her speech on Tuesday 17 January, May outlined the government’s 12-point plan for Brexit negotiations which looks at migration as well as other matters such as trade and international relations. Speaking on UK […]