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UK will pay huge price for prioritisi...

UK will pay huge price for prioritising migration curbs

The Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte has said that the economy of Britain has remained in good shape even after the Brexit vote last year only because the pound has fallen. In his unusual candid remarks regarding the long-term ally nation, The Dutch PM warned that a closer and critical analysis will reveal that the […]

Brexit Supporter Slams ‘Unlimit...

UK immigration

The former Director-General of the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC), has slammed UK immigration policy for allowing an ‘unlimited’ supply of migrant labor from the European Union (EU). Long worth claims that ‘easy access’ to EU workers has stopped some UK companies from training home-grown workers because it’s quicker and cheaper to recruit EU migrants. […]

Australian immigration system

Australian immigration

Australia has become notorious for its tough stance on immigration and has been criticized for locking up refugees for long periods of time. According to the Huffing ton Post, Australia operates a “hybrid” selection system for skilled migrants that includes both a points-based system and employer sponsorship options. The country is also known to detain […]

South Australia will open more doors ...


Migrants who are planning to move to Australia should start looking at opportunities for South Australia. The Australian Government is planning to create new industries that will open up new business opportunities in South Australia. And plans to the Government of South Australia, along with the federal government to attract more candidates through scholarships 1,200 […]

UK Top 10 immigration country for Ski...


The report was published about the same time as the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) review into the UK’s Tier 2 Visa system was published. The MAC recommends that the UK government should act to further restrict the Tier 2 Visa. UK Immigration good at attracting foreign owned businesses The A  study found that the UK […]

Migration Watch report on UK immigran...

UK immigrants

Australian, South African and US immigrants receive a much higher income than those born in the UK, according to research. A press release published by Migration Watch also said that Indians too, show ‘strong economic characteristics’. They have a high level of employment, a good income and a low level of benefit claimants. However, immigrants […]

Increasing concerns about Irish overs...

Australia visa

There are increasing numbers of Irish citizens remaining in Australia after their visas expire. Some Irish nationals who are no longer in work simply cannot afford the flight and resettlement costs to return to Ireland. Irish citizens in Australia are also facing greater difficulties securing permanent residency due to changes in Australian immigration laws. Australian […]

Poll supports free immigration betwee...

UK immigration

A new poll shows ‘overwhelming support’ across Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the UK for the right to live and work freely in each other’s countries. However, the UK is going in the opposite direction by increasing the Tier 2 salary threshold for permanent residence making it harder to stay in the UK.  The poll, […]