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Labour plans to hike immigration

Labour plans to hike immigration

The Labour manifesto vowed to end EU freedom of movement, meaning a visa scheme is likely to be introduced. But under a document setting options for Labour’s post-Brexit policy Britain’s borders would be open to cheap migrant labour from all over the world – without the need for qualifications. Labour would allow immigration to soar even higher than the […]

The UK needs more immigrants

The UK needs more immigrants

The UK after its exit from the European Union and revealed that the UK is in need of increased numbers of immigrants to evade disastrous results for its economy.  The report that the aim of the government led by the Conservative party to reduce immigration levels to the UK by tens of thousands is based […]

UK PM May’s stand to cut immigration ...

UK PM May’s stand to cut immigration below 100,000 could damage ties with India

British Prime Minister Theresa May vowed to stick to her party’s pledge to cut the migration figures down to “tens of thousands”, evoking a strong reaction from Liberal Democrats who warned that her tough stand will damage ties with countries like India. The Prime Minister said it was important to hit this target given the […]

UK employers will take on immigration...

UK employers will take on immigration enforcement, say experts

Employers in Britain will have to take more responsibility for enforcing immigration rules after Brexit because the Home Office does not have the manpower to monitor EU migrants as well as those from the rest of the world, experts warn. new immigration system, it has become clear that businesses, universities and landlords will have to […]

Barista visa plan does the UK hospita...

Barista visa plan does the UK hospitality sector

Brexit visa for young non-UK EU workers is reportedly being considered by the government. It has also been welcomed by some coffee chain executives. It is an astonishingly complacent idea. Coffee chains are a small part of the UK’s tourist, hotel and restaurant industry, which the British Hospitality Association estimates employs one in 10 workers […]

India, UK discuss extradition, visa i...

India, UK discuss extradition, visa issue in first bilateral Home Affairs

India and UK held their first Home Affairs Dialogue on Thursday which discussed matters of extradition, deporting illegal immigrants, sharing of criminal data and curbing organised crime. Union Home Secretary Rajiv Maharishi led the talk with the UK delegation led by Patsy Wilkinson, Second Permanent Secretary, Home Office, and Government of UK. The dialogue also touched upon […]

Why new UK Visa rules will be a dampe...

Why new UK Visa rules will be a dampener for Indian students wanting to pursue British education

After three years of continuous slump in the number of Indian students choosing the United Kingdom, you would expect the thumbs-up for Brexit last June to have sent the numbers on a further slide in 2016. Not quite. Figures put out by the British High Commission in Delhi last week show that roughly 11,300 tier-4 […]

Post-Brexit UK’s trade pact with Indi...

Post-Brexit UK’s trade pact

 “Britain’s current crop of ministers seem not to have taken on board that the attempted EU-India agreement foundered not because of the rest of the EU but, in substantial part, because Britain rejected it.   “Attempts to open the UK to more Indian IT specialists and other professionals (the so-called Mode 4) foundered on the […]

March 2017 UK Immigration Update

March 2017 UK Immigration Update

Changes to the immigration rules fulfil the Migration Advisory Committee’s previous recommendations. On March 16, the UK government announced changes to the UK’s immigration rules, implementing the final phase of changes previously recommended by the Migration Advisory Committee in March 2016. The majority of these changes will take effect on April 6, 2017. Overseas Criminal […]

Tier 2 Visa Certificates of Sponsorsh...

Tier 2 Visa Certificates of Sponsorship for UK Visas Available for Allocation in March

The number of Certificates of Sponsorship (CoS) available for March 2017 stands at 2,169, according to UK Visas and Immigration data. The department published its February report citing that its figures were correct as of 23 February, 2017.   If you gain enough points this should mean that you will receive a Tier 2 visa CoS and then be able […]