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India adds E-Visa channel

India adds E-Visa channel

India’s great beauty has made the country tourist potential. An unending choice for travellers is the climate variations ranging from the coldest hottest and driest spread across the country. The best attractions are the simply astounding architectural wonders, topographical magnificence and last but not least the diversity of food that varies by state serves every […]

UK Visas and immigration back into th...

UK Visas and immigration back

UK visas and immigration policy is thrust back into the spotlight following the aftermath of the London terrorist attack, which left five people dead – including police officer, PC Keith Palmer – and more than 40 people injured, messages of condolence poured in from around the world. However, some have used the tragedy as an […]

EU states back call for UK to agree €...

EU states back call for UK to agree €60bn exit bill before trade talks

European Union’s senior officials have informed that this plan of action was intended to prevent the issues of tariffs and trade dominating the talks, while admitting that this would result in the negotiating parties having nothing to talk about for several months ahead. The top officials at Brussels have also confirmed that EU leaders who […]

Five costly immigration changes in Ap...

Five costly immigration changes

April 2017 sees another set of changes to immigration rules, including the Immigration Skills Charge and changes to minimum salary thresholds.   The headlines may be focused on the fact Article 50 will be triggered on 29 March, starting off the process towards Br exit, but just a few days later employers should also brace […]

The most (and least) powerful passpor...

The most (and least) powerful passports in the world revealed

German travellers hold the world’s strongest passport and can visit the most countries without needing to apply for a visa, according to a newly-updated travel index. A total of 157 countries offer Germans either visa-free access or a visa on arrival, making citizens of the central European nation the most privileged passport holders on the planet. The […]

Brexit: Minister hints at £1,000 fee ...


Companies could be charged to hire skilled workers from the European Union after Brexit, Immigration Minister Robert Goodwill has suggested. A £1,000 immigration “skills charge” is being brought in this April for firms recruiting workers from outside the EU. Mr Goodwill told peers a similar levy for EU workers “may be something that has been […]

Brexit Secretary David Davis says UK ...


David Davis has risked angering Brexit voters after admitting the UK will not suddenly shut the door on workers coming in from the EU. The Brexit Secretary said it could take “years and years” for Britain to fill all the jobs that would otherwise have been done by EU immigrants coming to the UK to work .And he said […]

Applications for US visas down by 70%

The number of people who are withdrawing their visa applications for the US has dropped by nearly 70%, say immigration agencies and lawyers based in Chandigarh. US had in fact offered almost 900,000 visas to Indians in 2014 and there is likely to be drastic cut in the number of visas that will be issued to the Indians this year, as quoted by the Times of India. An associate member of bar in Canada, UK and the USA, Kuldip Singh who possesses more than 45 years in immigration law has said that on a day to day basis he is receiving almost 100200 applicants and around 400500 e-mail queries regarding changing their destination to either New Zealand, Australia or Canada. Kuldip went on to describe the passage of a Bill in which the American president had banned the entry of people from seven countries, as "arbitrary and unjustified". A civil engineering student at State University of New York, Rushil Verma, had earlier planned to settle in the US after his studies. However, he has changed his mind now. "It's not on my mind anymore. I have many Sikh friends here and their parents are now planning to shift to Canada. They don't want to live here anymore. I will not be surprised if there is a dip in the number of Indian students applying to US universities next academic year," he said. Chandigarh based immigration consultancy firm IDP’s official has confirmed that there has been a decline in the visa applications by students who planned to study in the US. He added that students now prefer Germany, Australia and New Zealand instead of the US. The students are also worried that Trump might be send them back home after a while, explained the official. Capability Developer at the Chandigarh based The Chopras Sapna Hundal has said that several students are withdrawing their applications for US study visa in the middle of the process of submitting the applications. This is unprecedented, added Sapna. A student from Amritsar Nitin has also conveyed similar opinion that he no more aspires to study in the US and is looking for alternate destinations. In fact Indians who are already in the US are also edgy as Aditi Sharma said that she had moved to the US recently with her husband employed in the IT firm but they are now not sure whether they should return to India or stay back in the US.

The number of people who are withdrawing their visa applications for the US has dropped by nearly 70%, say immigration agencies and lawyers based in Chandigarh. US had in fact offered almost 900,000 visas to Indians in 2014 and there is likely to be drastic cut in the number of visas that will be issued […]

Couples speak of pain over spouse vis...

spouse visas

Supreme Court has ruled that Government financial measures which are hitting British citizens who want foreign spouses or partners to join them in the UK do not breach human rights legislation. Seven justices at the UK’s highest court announced their decision on Wednesday in a number of linked challenges brought against a mandatory “minimum income” immigration requirement. […]

Tier 2 Visa Costs for Employers Annou...

Detail from a US visa document. Note to image inspector: the

 Immigration Skills Charge will come into force on 6 April 2017. Employers will be required to pay an additional charge when they sponsor a worker from outside the European Economic Area (EEA). A Home Office press release confirms the skills charge will apply to sponsors of Tier 2 workers in both the ‘General’ and ‘Intra-company Transfer’ routes […]