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Brexit won’t impact Indian students i...


British Council South India. Over five Lakh international students are pursuing higher education in the UK at present. Speaking to TOI on the issue of employability in the UK post studies, Barker said, “Last year, 6,000 students were transferred from study visa to post-study work visa. Also, 28,000 companies in the UK have been licensed […]

Tier 2 Sponsor Licence holder there a...

rules and requirements

Tier 2 Sponsor Licence holder there are a number of rules and requirements which you must add here to when hiring a non-EEA national (from outside the European Economic Area). Apart from remaining compliant with the UK Immigration Rules and Sponsor Licence, there are other less responsibilities which must be taken into consideration when hiring a […]

New charge is designed to UK employer...

New charge is designed to UK employer

The UK government plans to introduce a skills charge for all UK employers who choose to hire a skilled non-EEA national as of April 2017. This new fee is being referred to as the Immigration Skills Charge and will cost employers £1,000 per Tier 2 migrant employee per valid visa year. Based on the fact that a […]

Parliament Approval Needed to Trigger...

Parliament Approval Needed to Trigger Brexit, UK Supreme Court

The UK Supreme Court ruled that Prime Minister Theresa May must get parliament’s approval before she begins Britain’s formal exit from the European Union. The highest judicial body of Britain refused to accept the argument of the government that Prime Minister Theresa May was entitled to utilize her ‘royal prerogative’ the executive powers to make […]

New UK visa rules for non-EU national...

A man gestures as he climbs a bonfire on the Shankill Road in West Belfast

The UK government’s changes to its visa policy for non-EU nationals aimed at curbing its soaring immigration figures will come into force from today, which will affect a large number of Indians especially IT professionals. Under the new visa rules announced by the UK Home Office earlier this month, applications made on or after November 24 under […]

UK Immigration Law and Spouse Visa


Over the past several years UK immigration rules have become increasingly tougher. As a result thousands of families are being torn apart and forced to live in separate countries. Visa requirements are ambiguous and also add to the overall rejection rate. Financial requirements are complex, cost of making an application is constantly on the rise […]

Government report rules out UK Visa r...

trade deal12

The government report appears to conclude that regional visa schemes will not be considered for a post-Brexit immigration system, including the London visa scheme. The government’s rejection of regional visa schemes comes in response to a report produced by the House of Commons Scottish Affairs Committee, which urged Westminster to review plans for a formal […]

Implement regional immigration policy

US Immigration

 Theresa May to put in place a regional immigration policy after Brexit under which some parts of Britain would be able to clamp down on the numbers of foreign workers while others could maintain an open-door policy. The all-party group on social integration said “regional immigration quotas” would help boost the public debate, instil confidence in […]

Key issue for Brexiteers in the histo...


Immigration was the key issue for Brexiteers in the historic EU referendum battle, according to a huge analysis of social media. A groundbreaking study of nearly three million tweets by a team at the University of Sheffield shows control of borders came up far more than sovereignty or the NHS. It was mentioned 66,000 times […]