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UK’s fears of immigrants displacing l...

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Assertions being made by critics of immigrants that foreign workers are putting British-born citizens out of jobs are unfounded, according to the International Longevity Centre (ILC), an independent think-tank, which deals with the issues of ageing and population change. The report, in fact, shows that areas having larger proportions of employed migrants also have a […]

Reports to be released to remove the ...

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It is scheduled to be raised by the Ministry of the Interior next month, after a landmark ruling by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) self-audit on the operation of two reports of the detention of immigrants private centers. The reports give detailed information about the operation of two facilities: Harmondsworth immigration detention center. The UK’s […]

UK Immigration wrongly deported 48,00...

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The United Kingdom Home Secretary Theresa May in 2014 revoked the Tier 4 visas of 48,000 international students, and ordered their deportation, after a BBC documentary in February 2014 uncovered cases of cheating on an English language test at one institution. The move was made after the BBC’s Panorama reported that fraudulent activity was occurring […]