Graduate Entrepreneur | Tier 1 Visa

This is the way for illegal EEA- who are already in the United Kingdom as a student (Tier 4) to extend their stay for one or more groups of companies in the United Kingdom. The aim of the Government of the United Kingdom is that this road will allow them to retain aspiring entrepreneurs.

Application at Tier¬†1 Her upper applicant’s university (higher education institution) needs to determine the demand for innovative ideas developed at a global level or entrepreneurial skills provider. Thus, the demand will be the first application of their university for a letter of support submitted with the work plan. Without a letter of support application will be denied. See page study visa requirements for ordinary student visa.

This road is part of the basis of the points system so applicants are required to score 75 points for their qualities, and 10 points for English language skills and 10 points for maintenance.

To score the points required attributes this category requires the applicant has been granted or postgraduate diploma and bachelor’s degree from a higher educational institution which is classified, sponsor and is not able to issue letters of support, in a special form, which confirm some of the details required for the applicant and their business idea.

If the applicant scores of 75 points on the qualities they would automatically recorded 10 points for the English language skills they have. This is because they will hold a degree taught in English by a higher education institution in the United Kingdom.

The applicant also needs to show that they have enough money for the cost of living in the United Kingdom.

If granted at the beginning it will be given the leave application submitted one year, but they are able to extend it for another year if their University offer them another letter of certification. This road does not lead directly to the settlement. However, it is possible to switch from this road into Tier 1 Entrepreneur, which could lead to a settlement (leave of indefinite stay).

If you consider yourself a budding business man who will soon obtained a degree in the UK then this could be the way for you. Instead, you may be interested in obtaining an investor visa. Get in touch to arrange a consultation.